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GreenDog Naturals® Canine Supplements Deliver Natural, Effective Solutions for Common Canine Health Concerns

Top-Selling Rainbow Light® Brings Over 25 Years Expertise in Pure and Potent Nutrition to Growing Canine Supplement Category SANTA CRUZ, Calif. – (May 20, 2010) – GreenDog Naturals® by Rainbow Light® Nutritional Systems, a top-selling leader in natural nutrition for over 25 years, offers pet owners a line of pure and potent canine supplements that [...]

GreenDog Naturals Healthy Motion Supplement Addresses Joint Health and Eases Discomfort in Dogs

SANTA CRUZ, Calif. – (July 22, 2010) – Time goes by so quickly, especially when counting in dog years. One of the greatest challenges dog lovers face is how quickly our beloved friends age. We want to extend our time together, keeping our dogs comfortable and mobile, maintaining the puppy within that we love. GreenDog [...]

Most Effective Strategy to Slow Global Warming May Not Be What You Think

Greener “Pawprint” Than Ever for Green Dog Naturals Canine Supplements Santa Cruz, Calif. (April, 2011) – Do you know what “green” tactic creates the greatest impact to slow global warming? Hint: it isn’t switching to an electric or hybrid car, energy efficient appliances, or installing solar panels. According to Susan Collins at the Container Recycling Institute, [...]

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