Are your products organic?

All GreenDog Naturals® products utilize organic ingredients whenever possible. Complete Calm® is certified organic through Quality Assurance International. While Healthy Motion® powder contains over 65% certified organic ingredients. No products containing glucosamine and MSM are permitted to be certified as organic products. Not all products in the market are adhering to the national Organic Program, so check with certifications.

Where are the products manufactured?

Our products are manufactured in the U.S.A. in a certified-organic, GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and FDA compliant facility, located in South Florida, which also manufactures human dietary supplements and is licensed for OTC manufacturing. All raw materials are rigorously verified for authenticity and tested for potency and purity prior to use.

Are GreenDog Naturals products grain free and/or gluten free?

GreenDog Naturals products are free of soy, wheat and corn, but aren’t considered truly “grain-free” as some do contain barley grass and barley malt. Barley grass has no detectable amount of gluten present, and sprouted barley malt has an insignificant level, well below the minimum for making gluten free claim under proposed regulations.

What is spirulina and why is it good for my dog?

Spirulina platensis, is a species of nutrient rich blue green algae, which naturally grows in warm water alkaline lakes. It is one of the world’s most nutritious foods, containing over 60% protein, high amounts of beta-carotene, mixed carotenoids, small amounts of the entire B-complex vitamins (including B-12), highly absorbable iron, and trace minerals. Wild spirulina is used as a traditional food source in some regions of Central America and Africa, it also sustains an abundant number of wildlife. Because of it’s nutrient dense profile, spirulina is widely used as a food supplement and is now grown in many areas throughout the world. Cultivation of supplemental spirulina, utilizes controlled ponds with purified alkaline water allowing for a growing environment free from contamination of other algae. Spirulina provides organic phytonutrients not found in commercial dog food, it is a great alternative for dogs that like to eat grass.

My dog has a sensitive stomach, how do I introduce the product to them?

Slowly introduce any new supplement or dog food to your dog’s diet. GreenDog Naturals’ products are designed to be very gentle-on-the-stomach, so it is unlikely to have any sensitivity. However, it would likely be best to start with half of the recommended dose and increase gradually so that a sensitive dog may have time to adjust.

Can I give my dog both Healthy Motion® and Complete Calm? How do I combine them?

Healthy Motion and Complete Calm are designed to be a family of products that can work together. If a dog has specific needs for extra support for joints and hips, then Healthy Motion® is a good solution.

Complete Calm is a safe, gentle situational product that may be used in combination with Healthy Motion® without negative side effects.

Can I give GreenDog Naturals products to my puppy?

Yes after 3-6 months, but the dose should be adjusted per the puppy’s weight and always best to ask the advice of the dogs veterinarian.

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