Ingredient Information

Ingredient Information is provided by, and should be considered the professional opinions of, Dr. Randy Kidd, PhD, DVM, a holistic veterinarian and consultant to GreenDog Naturals®; Marci Clow, a board-registered dietitian and clinical formulator for GreenDog Naturals and Rainbow Light®.

These expert opinions are not intended to diagnose or treat your pet’s health concerns. This information is not meant to replace an examination, checkup or the medical advice of your veterinarian.
It is your responsibility to review this information with your vet to determine if it is appropriate for your pet. GreenDog Naturals cannot be responsible for any change in your pet’s health or consequences arising from your use of Ingredient Information.

Ingredient Information provides information and ideas for you to discuss with your veterinarian. It is not an endorsement of any product, including those manufactured by GreenDog Naturals.

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